Revolutionizing Business Operations: The Power of Virtualization

Person's hand about to press a simulated button to start a virtual machine

The word “virtual” describes something that does not physically exist but it is made to appear by software.  Accordingly, a “virtual” computer performs all the functions of a real, physical computer but it is created by software.  

Virtualization, for our purposes, is the technology of creating new virtual computers to reside on an already-existing physical computer. With virtualization you can have the equivalent of multiple computers on a single physical machine. These new virtual computers are commonly called “VMs” (virtual machines). 

Why would you consider using VMs in your system?

Since you create more VMs as you need them, you get maximum dollar value out of your computer hardware investment. What’s more, you can often extend your system’s capabilities beyond what you thought it could do. Finally, it provides important security advantages.  

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, virtualization creates “guest” virtual machines that reside on a “host” physical machine. 

Virtualization software must first be installed in the host physical computer. After that the software is configured with the desired VMs that will run on the host computer.

At this point the great flexibility of virtualization comes into play. You choose, based on your needs, the major computer components of each virtual machine.  Namely, which operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac OS? Or how much RAM? How powerful a CPU?  These and other design considerations are configured to exactly meet your needs.

There is an important limitation however: in configuring the VMs you cannot exceed the actual capabilities of the underlying physical machine as far as computing power, RAM, etc. This is because the guest VMs share the capabilities of the underlying machine.

A prime example of the usefulness of virtualization is when you purchase new business software. Any piece of software will typically run best on a specific operating system such as Windows or Linux. If your new software is a mismatch for your operating system there is no need to buy a new physical computer to run the new software. Simply set up a VM with the correct operating system and you’re off and running.

The Benefits of Virtualization

  • Save money. You can consolidate multiple virtual machines onto a single physical machine and thus save on hardware expenses. You can also lower your power consumption.
  • Deploy quickly. Get new software and applications into use faster.
  • Easier management. Easily perform software updates and patches, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.
  • Much greater flexibility since you tailor each VM to your specific needs.
  • Enhanced scalability.  You can scale virtual environments up or down depending on changing business requirements. 

Virutalization Boasts Increased Security

Virtualization provides a valuable layer of protection to your systems. Here’s how:

  • Allows businesses to create isolated virtual machines to prevent malware from spreading across systems.
  • Compartmenting of sensitive functions and data.
  • Sandboxing can be used to create a safe space for running untrusted applications or software.
  • Rapid recovery capabilities are provided by running virtual machines on a separate host or storage device.
  • Centralized management can be achieved through virtualization, making it easier to detect and respond to security threats.

As can be seen, the isolation provided by virtualization provides you significant power to reduce risks to your valuable business systems.  A problem in one VM does not affect the host computer or other resident VMs.

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