File/Document Management

Companies today, large and small, can be overwhelmed by the volume of regulations (federal, state, local) related to storage, revision, and control of documents. No longer is it possible, practical, nor in some cases legal, to rely on routines and process that are manual in nature and which do not provide the level of control and traceability required by today's standards. It has become increasingly important for enterprises to adopt robust tools and methodologies to relieve internal burdens and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

In response to these challenges, CTC has developed an industry-leading capability in the development and deployment of electronic document management platforms.

Those platforms are providing our clients with the following capabilities:

As with all CTC deployments, our document management platforms are designed around the specific and unique requirements of the individual client or organization. Regardless of the nature or complexity of the requirements, CTC can develop and deploy a solution that provides long-term scalability, viability, and compliance.

Spend less time handling, filing, and storing documents and spend more time focusing on your business. CTC understands that you best know your industry; this is why the consultants at CTC can help you in developing the platforms that you know will make your company easier to run, smoother, more efficient and lower its overhead.

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