Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Systems provide: 

Are you ready for these disasters?

Business continuity is vital to a business's success, and in today's cyber connected world, virtually every aspect of a company's operation is vulnerable to disruption.

There are many risks which could take your business offline for several days if not permanently; in fact, 93% of all companies that suffer significant data loss close within 5 years. In today’s competitive market, even minutes lost in downtime could prove fatal.

In the IT world there are many threats that can take down your company’s operations. Of course, you can have fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. but also manmade disasters can cause your systems to crash.

Even the smallest accidents can cause critical loss to a business, hard drives crash, brownouts and blackouts can cause servers and hard drives to break down, and accidental file deletion can put your company’s future in jeopardy.

But many problems are posed in handling such an occurrence you may ask yourself, how do I determine the resiliency and recovery requirements for my business? How do I identify and integrate critical business and IT priorities into robust business continuity?

We can help you maintain near-continuous business operations and assist in managing regulatory compliance, improved systems availability, data protection and the integration of IT operational risk management strategies. Our services take you from planning and design through implementation and management, with a stronger commitment to understanding your ever-changing business and IT requirements.

We specialize in providing the most optimum recovery plan for your IT systems designed for your business. There is no company out there, who is reliant on their IT systems for their production, that do not need a strong disaster recovery plan.

We assess some of the following factors to create a custom disaster recovery system for your company:​

CTC recognizes that the exponential growth of corporate data is one of the largest challenges for which companies must plan.

The explosive growth in data that must be stored presents businesses with many distinct challenges. One of these challenges is the correct environment – that is, placing data on the right type of storage medium and location that balances the need for performance and cost of the investment.

CTC’s certified engineers will assist you in evaluating your infrastructure, help plan for future projects, or become part of a virtual team on your next deployment. CTC strives to customize your IT services that best suit your company’s infrastructure.

Planning for the inevitability of data growth presents challenges in your company’s ability to scale and anticipate future upgrade paths. Early planning, and competent and realistic sizing of solutions, ensures a solution that will last its expected lifespan. Otherwise, unexpected growth, and an inability to adjust scale to fit that growth, can create challenges that could shorten the expected useful life of storage and Disaster Recovery planning. It can also hinder the growth of your company by your IT systems lagging behind the expansion of your business, costing countless dollars lost in unnecessary man power to back store and recover your valued information; making solid planning priceless.

CTC has been dedicated in solving all of these problems for its clients and customizing to fit the needs of the size of company you are. There are no companies too big, serving nationwide health care providers, or too small, such as local construction or retail firms, for us to service. There is also no company to big or too small who is safe from the damage caused by data loss.

After a thorough assessment of your company we will help you decide which data storage model and back up recovery plan is best for your business.

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