Computer Networking

There are many questions that business owners are faced with when they embark upon getting new computer networking systems or upgrading their existing networks.  If you have ever been through this process before you know how frustrating this can become.  CTC strives to make this easy for you so you understand what it is you are buying, how this will affect return on investment and which systems are optimum for you and the plus and minuses of the different types of systems available.

Whether your business wants to install new computer networking or improve the existing one, it's important to know that it is the right system for your business. You can hire any number of computer networking companies to install the system, but without an understanding of networking computers basics, you'll have a hard time controlling costs, monitoring your systems, and ensuring that the system you are getting is customized to your business needs.  CTC is dedicated in ensuring that you get the system you need.  We also ensure that you know the system that you are getting and know how to use them to keep your own system operations costs down.

It isn't necessary that you earn a computer science degree to comprehend the effective use of computer networking.  CTC will ensure you understand the process every step of the way and that you will know exactly what you are getting and why this system is best for you.

The decision to install a wired network as opposed to a wireless computer network will depend on the type of business, technology budget and physical layout of your office building. A wireless network is better for companies that don't use large amounts of bandwidth, and doesn't require a secure network. Wired networks are more reliable, allow for the transfer of larger files with more ease and offer more data security.

If security is a problem for you, we definitely, have you covered.  Our experience in this industry has given us a firm foundation of knowledge in security concerns.  Doing business for internet-based sales companies, insurance companies and utility companies has given us years of experience in a multitude of federal security compliances such as; HIPPA Compliance, SOX Compliance, and PCI Compliance etc.

CTC will help you find the best computer networking businesses or keep up with the latest regulatory and legal information in the networking industry. If you have a business networking problem, we are the company that you need.

Keep your computer networking solutions for your business simple and understandable. Often people will over commit resources when networking office computers and wind-up spending too much money.  When you first assemble the computer network, be sure you allow for future expansion.  If the network is too limited, you'll need to reconstruct the entire model of your company's data needs as it outgrows the network.  CTC is dedicated in keeping your investment minimum and your return maximum.

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