Taking charge of your digital defense

In this fast paced era of internet business, being nimble and quickly adapting to change is essential. A single security breach could jeopardize everything your company has worked for. Smart businesses stay ahead of the curve by being agile and security-savvy at the same time!  How does this get accomplished? 

What are the threats?

Password attacks, phishing, email scams and ransomware are some of the most common cyber threats that businesses face today.  As technology advances, its vital to stay vigilant and guard against these threats. It is best to know your enemy!   

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  • Passwords can provide the easiest way to compromise security.  Weak, reused or commonly-used passwords put your company at risk. Password management is an important component of your digital defense.
  • Phishing is like a fishing lure that tricks you into taking the bait. Phishing attacks can come in many forms, such as fake emails, text messages, social media posts, or even phone calls. The sophistication of the attacks is rapidly growing.  Hardening your company’s system is only part of the solution: there must be ongoing training for employees on current threats.
  • Email attacks are designed to trick an employee into thinking an email is from a known, trusted sender. In the more sophisticated attacks, the attacker uses the employee to gain access to company accounts or systems, implant malware in company systems or steal information. Very frequently the goal is to steal money using a variety of tactics such as fraudulent requests for wire transfers.

  • Ransomware attacks can cripple your entire system and hold your data hostage until you pay up. The attacker can present to the unsuspecting victim a link or a download via email that looks perfectly legitimate. Again, employee training plays a big role in defending against these attacks.

Get expert help

By entrusting your digital defense to experts, you can focus on what really matters — growing your business. MSPs provide the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your digital security is in good hands.  

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Powered by over 40 years of IT experience, Custom Technology Consultants remains at the cutting-edge of technologies that will keep your data and resources protected and help you efficiently navigate today’s fast paced economy.

Let our technical engineers at Custom Technology Consultants team up with your organization to provide you with the security and peace of mind that your organization deserves.   

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