A Custom Virtual CIO Consultants Puts You Back In Control

You want the latest, best technology for your company, but you are frustrated by the unforeseen costs and problems.

You need IT help for your business but you are not looking forward to hiring and managing IT personnel.

How do you get the good technology you need but without the headaches and uncertainties?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proven and reliable CIO (Chief Information Officer) on your team to take care of IT for you while you grow your business?

A virtual CIO from Custom Technology Consultants puts you back in control.

Custom Technology Consultant is a managed service provider (MSP) delivering a full range of IT services. Virtual CIO (vCIO) services from Custom Technology Consultants is your key to managing your technology needs while you achieve your company’s potential.


The following are the main reasons that hiring a vCIO or managed service provider is best for most companies:

Save Money, Time, and Energy and Avoid the Hiring Process

Even if you have the budget to hire your own CIO, the process of doing so can be long, complex, and expensive. The interview process can drag on for weeks – and that’s time that could be spent growing your business.

This also means salaries, benefits, and the risk that the person you hire won’t have the skills as advertised. Managed service providers scale their services to your specific business needs which lowers your operating costs. Since the work is outsourced, there is no need to pay overhead costs, provide benefits, or arrange for training.

A More Predictable Budget

A new business usually operates on a very tight budget, and this can be a serious problem when you need the functionality of new equipment. It is important to have the right technology to achieve your business goals, but this must be balanced against a budget so that the costs are controlled.

Do you actually have a plan for how you’ll spend your IT budget this year? If not, you could be wasting quite a bit of money. A vCIO gives you a proactive approach to IT spending, rather than a reactive approach.

Comprehensive Strategic Technology Plan

A strategic technology plan is a very important document. It outlines both your current IT infrastructure and your future IT goals.

A vCIO is an important resource to a growing business. As your company grows and you provide new products and services, your technology needs will also change. This technology roadmap should be drawn up by information technology experts so that you can achieve your business objectives.

Free Consultation

Custom Technology Consultants has a combined experience in the IT industry of more than 50 years and brings an entire team of technology experts to help in any field of IT. Contact us and see how we can help you achieve your technology and business goals.

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